Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Terror Crane is out!

The second book in the Dawn of Mammal series, Terror Crane, is available, exclusively at Amazon (and through KU)

Click here for the link.

A time gate...
A team of teen scientists...
A desperate fight to survive....

In book 2 of Dawn of Mammals, Hannah and the kids are swept back to the Paleocene, where giant avian dinosaurs still reign as the apex predators. In a jungle world of sweltering heat, they must learn new skills to survive the swamp creatures and the dreaded Terror Crane, a half-ton bird that could snatch any one of them up with its deadly beak.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Update on writing

I am about halfway through writing a stand-alone post-apocalyptic novel and about halfway through revisions of Dawn of Mammals 3. In about a week, Dawn of Mammals 2 will be available for sale, and a month after that, Dawn of Mammals 3 will be released.

Then I'll have the stand-alone post-apocalyptic book revised and ready to release about the end of June.

This summer, I'll be splitting my writing time between finishing the Dawn of Mammals series and exploring the creation of audiobooks, starting with the Gray series. And that's as far ahead as I can plan accurately!