Natural Disaster Novels

Stand-alone novels set in today's world. Click on images to the right, or the titles, to buy at Amazon.


Mt. Hood in Oregon erupts with terrifying power.

A shockwave slams into a helicopter carrying two volcanologists. A thousand-degree cloud of ash hurtles at hurricane speeds down the mountainside toward two hikers. Suffocating ash rains down on the campsite of a troubled teenager, stranding him and his family miles from help.

Massive mudflows rush down the river valleys and into 23-year-old Chad Keppler's small town. His lifelong dream is to be a firefighter, but after he fails the physical test, that dream seems about to slip away. But he can do this one thing: wade into the swirling, debris-filled mud, to prove to himself that he has the strength and courage it takes to save lives.



A deep rumble in the earth, a screeching noise, and the world begins to shake, throwing people off their feet and hurling buildings to the ground. The New Madrid Fault has ruptured again, wreaking havoc over seven states.

Gale Swanton, city planner for a small Missouri river town, is left in charge when the city manager and mayor are both killed. He struggles to help the townsfolk in the face of broken water mains and impassable roads, with little help from a FEMA overwhelmed by the vast destruction in St. Louis and Memphis.

Tempers fray as food and drinking water run low. Gale and his RN husband struggle to hold together a crumbling community and protect its citizens from their own worst instincts.

And there is more shaking yet to come.




A tornado bears down on a small Ohio town. It snaps giant trees in half as if they were toothpicks. It drives house beams through cars at 200 mph.

It kills.

Greg Duncan stands in the path of the twister. As a first responder, his obligation is to serve his community. As a single dad, his heart tells him to protect his little girl.

The tornado is moving fast. He has almost no time to choose.

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