Oil Apocalypse

It’s the end of petroleum. Is it the end of civilization too?

Book 1: Slashed 

Devlin Quinn turns sixteen the same week that a battle in a distant war shuts off the flow of imported petroleum to the U.S. Gas runs low, then runs out, and soon the highways are empty.

Even worse, the grocery store shelves are empty.

Dev is trained to fight—his father made sure of that—but is he trained enough? Smart enough? Tough enough? He is about to find out when people desperate for food flee the burning cities...

Book 2: Bleeding

In book 2, Dev and Sierra, who have come of age--emotionally and as warriors--head down to Payson to spy on the men who have taken over the town. What they find there horrifies them.

And Sierra’s aggressive streak leads them into a confrontation with these invaders, one that will put everyone’s lives at risk.

Can the neighborhood survive the end of oil?

Oil Apocalypse is an ongoing post-apocalyptic series with sub-sections--that is, complete stories told over 1-3 books. The first section of three books will be released from July - December 2017, beginning with Slashed.


  1. An interesting take on an under-explored shtf scenario. I enjoyed it and look forward to book #2.

    1. Belatedly, thank you! I thought I'd said that, but I hadn't, and I apologize. :) Probably lost wireless in the middle of the thought, as happens to me far too often!

  2. Just finished all three books in the series! They were great! Listened to audio books on Hoopla. Thank you very much for these books. I am sure to listen again.


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