The Gray Series

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, a young woman fights to survive...

Gray, Part I

A dense black cloud boiled up in the southeastern sky. It rose high and fast, like a time-lapse movie of the birth of a thunderhead. But it was no rain cloud. Wholly black, it reached up and up until it loomed over her, blocking out the sun. Somehow, she knew, it was Death coming for her.

Pre-med student Coral is on vacation in Idaho when something terrible happens. The black cloud is followed by a wildfire and searing heat that lasts for days. She survives deep in a cave but emerges days later to find the world transformed, with blackened trees, an ash-filled sky, and no living creatures stirring--except for her.

So begins her desperate journey: to find water, and food, and other survivors...and the answer to the mystery of what happened.

Gray, Part II 


Three months have passed since the mysterious event transformed life on Earth. The air grows colder, the days shorter, the snow deeper, and Coral and Benjamin struggle to find food enough to keep them on their feet. Moving on to warmer climes seems their only long-term hope, but travel means a terrible danger: encountering other people. The rule of law is gone, the old morality is crumbling, and Coral needs all her wits and skill to survive in this brutish new world.

Gray, Part III

Welcome to Idaho City

The sign was metal, the words still visible through scorching that had happened during The Event's long fire.

The words spoke of the old days, seven months ago, when civilization was intact and the world robustly populated. The sign looked normal--or would have, had it not been for the pair of human feet attached over the first two words. The feet had been severed from their owner, and hex bolts were jammed between the metatarsals.

Coral and Benjamin are starving as they flee from this sight. When they encounter scavengers a few days later, have they found food and salvation? Or is it another deadly trap?


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  1. Just finished listening to Gray (all 3 parts) via Audible and it is one of the best books I have listened to in a while. Will definitely be listening to it again, and looking for more by Lou Cadle.

    1. Thank you! How kind of you to come by here and say so. My fans are the best fans.

  2. I just finished up the Gray series on Audible. I don't have time to read, but I sure do have time to listen while I work! I loved the series and truly hope that your other books will be making their way over to Audible.

  3. Thank you! They won't be available any time soon (as it takes a while to produce one), but I hope to have more available eventually.


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