Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hello, Friends! Just an update

 I'm busy with the garden this summer, but I'm still finding time to write a bit when excessive heat drives me inside for the day. I'm going through my document I call "ideas," which has short story, novella, and novel ideas in it and writing the short ones first, possibly to submit to magazines. This autumn, I'll be digging into the novel ideas and picking the best to write.

As California Wildfire season ramps up, you may feel moved to read or re-read my book on such a wildfire. I've lived through one, and a house I used to own there was burned down last year, so it's a subject if not 'dear' to my heart, in my heart for good or bad. It'll be on sale at the beginning of July for .99 US, for a few days only.

I may not release anything this year, for business reasons too boring to explain, but I'm still out here, plugging away on the writing (and the weeding! though I know no one cares about that but me and the weeds themselves.) I hope you are all well, too.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

New ebook! Fire

Red flames race across dry forests as Sylvia works in her rural California home, unaware of the deadly danger approaching. Her husband James, at work fifty miles away, learns of the fire but can't reach her on the phone. When the smoke nears Sylvia, she has to flee, into a maelstrom of burning ash, of flaming pine cones flying like bullets, into a thick cloud of smoke that makes finding her direction impossible. Over frantic hours, James desperately tries to find her, risking his own safety to get to the woman he loves.

Will either survive a terrifying California wildfire?

Available at Amazon (click that for link)



Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I'm still out here!

I tell you, friends, from August through Oct 1, a huge garden like mine beats you up badly. Oh my gosh, the preserving! It feels endless, but I definitely have fruit and veg enough through next June put away. I'm just finishing putting all the veg beds but one 'to bed' for the winter, and once that's done, I'll finish proofing the book I wrote in January and February, about a California Wildfire, have it pro proofread, and get it up, I hope by December, I'll be back to writing a new book (or two) this winter, but I don't yet have one that is calling loudly to me. I have several ideas, some openings written, and many choices, but it'll likely be Dec 10 before I choose one to move forward on.

I hope you and your family have been okay during the pandemic. I've had several friends and family with Covid, one hospitalized, but so far, knock wood, I haven't lost anyone. I feel fortunate indeed and even more fortunate that my work is done at home and alone, so it's easy for me to stay safe. I am vividly aware that's not everyone's situation. My thoughts are with those of you who have health problems or jobs that require public contact.

See you in December for a new release announcement!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Long time, no post!

It's tomatoes. I overdid it! I am drowning in tomatoes and the work to keep up with them. But these are the sorts of problems to have, right?

I'm nearly done proofreading my next book, a wildfire adventure. I have the cover, and I'll hold the release until after the US election because last time, the US election messed up releases and sales, and I'd rather steer around it, you know? So before the holidays this December, you'll be able to ask for the ebook as a gift or give it to yourself.

I hope all my readers and fans are healthy and happy.

ignore that text--hadn't re-set date on camera
Forgot to reset date on camera; this was last week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

New Book Released

Ice Storm is available for sale at Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited!

Ray, barely fifteen years old, knows a lot about gaming and getting As at school. He's about to learn how useless those skills are in a crisis.

Freezing rain pelts down over a small Virginia city, coating roads, power lines, and trees. In a few hours, the city bustle grinds to a halt. When his mom is stuck at work for the duration of the storm, Ray's first challenges seem like no big deal: don't fall on the icy walkways, and make his own meals.

But as the ice continues to fall, his problems mount. First he loses power, then cell phone service, and then an icy tree comes crashing through the roof. The survival video games he has been playing bear no resemblance to real-life survival in extreme conditions.

Only his connection with the old woman next door can save him... he hopes.