Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hello, Friends! Just an update

 I'm busy with the garden this summer, but I'm still finding time to write a bit when excessive heat drives me inside for the day. I'm going through my document I call "ideas," which has short story, novella, and novel ideas in it and writing the short ones first, possibly to submit to magazines. This autumn, I'll be digging into the novel ideas and picking the best to write.

As California Wildfire season ramps up, you may feel moved to read or re-read my book on such a wildfire. I've lived through one, and a house I used to own there was burned down last year, so it's a subject if not 'dear' to my heart, in my heart for good or bad. It'll be on sale at the beginning of July for .99 US, for a few days only.

I may not release anything this year, for business reasons too boring to explain, but I'm still out here, plugging away on the writing (and the weeding! though I know no one cares about that but me and the weeds themselves.) I hope you are all well, too.