Monday, June 27, 2016

What I've been up to

I worked hard this month after enjoying my vacation in May. Not only did I publish a book, I've put the finishing touches on the novel I wrote most of in April. I'm going to be revising it once more and putting it through my proofreading system (twice by me, once visually and once via audio narration; three to five other people sequentially look at it after that), which takes about a month, depending on how fast my proofreaders are It's a stand-alone post-apocalyptic tale called 41 Days. Look for it in September at Amazon.

I'm also working on the outline for the next. I have spent a couple hundred hours researching it. It too will be a stand-alone novel, a bioterrorism thriller for which I don't have a hint of a title yet. I've learned a lot of fascinating material, and some of those facts will be in the novel, tucked into the narrative. Other bits of it will show up here, on the blog, in non-fiction form. If all goes well, it will be released in December.

For those who love the Dawn of Mammals series, don't worry; I'll be drafting the last two installments in October and January, to be released no later than March and June of 2017.

And I'm already pretty sure what project I'll turn to after that. Ideas are never my problem--I have a thousand of them!

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