Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lou Cadle plans for 2017 book releases

Here's the plan for 2017.

New Releases:
  • February 10: Dawn of Mammals 5 (last in series, up for pre-order soon)
  • April: a very different novel in a pen name, historical fiction, possibly titled Nellie
  • May: the pandemic thriller that I drafted back in July 2016
  • July or August: a thriller that begins a new series and world. (It’s our world, but a few years in the future)
  • October or November: a novel that follows the last one, set several years later, as things go from bad to worse.

Audio books of the Gray series (date of release not yet set), more paperbacks as they are ready, and a Gray omnibus e-book edition will also be released. I'd also like to write sufficient short stories to put together a collection of them. Whew! Another busy year planned.

However, a caveat: authors are human beings. (I know! It’s a shock to hear this news, but you’ll adapt shortly, I’m sure. 😜 ) Stuff happens to human beings sometimes. A grown daughter shows up on the doorstep with a baby and leaves him with you for a year. A heart attack. A house fire. Being kidnapped and held for ransom for six months. Being kidnapped to Tau Ceti to be in a terrible alien experiment on Earthlings. And, to be more positive in my predictions, winning an all-expense paid trip around the world! If any or all of that happens, it could change the schedule. (Do you think I could get a wireless connection from Tau Ceti?)

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