Sunday, May 14, 2017

Fan Appreciation Day!

I just made up this holiday. But let's all celebrate it anyway!

While I often say how much I appreciate my fans and readers to those in my mailing list, I know I have tens of thousands of other readers who aren't on the list, so I want to say to you, if you happen upon this, I am at least as much a fan of yours as you are of mine.

I write for you guys. I want to entertain to, to scare you, to get your heart beating fast, to make you shed a tear, to believe in my characters and care for them. I love when I hear you stayed up until 3 a.m. reading my books. If my entertaining you also distracts you from some physical or emotional pain in your life, that's the best news of all to me.

For the first time in a writing life that spans almost thirty years, I'm making a living writing fiction, and I could not possibly do this without your support. It's not just that you buy my books or read them on Kindle Unlimited. It's that you tell your friends about them too. It's that you rate them or review them on Amazon or Goodreads. This all helps keep me in T-shirts and toner. (Hmm, not saying I wear toner. That'd just be odd.) And if I'm paying my bills, all I need to do every morning is write! I can put out more books as a result. So you're helping me write more of the books you enjoy. A win-win.

If you want to hear more often that I appreciate you, sign up for my mailing list at the right hand side of this page. Rest assured, I do not send newsy emails with pix of my cute cat or grandkids. I only send out a mailing if there's a new release or a big sale that you might want to know of. If you don't want to sign up, I completely understand. Our email inboxes are crammed as it is. Just bookmark this site and check back every couple months, and you'll see the newest release under the sign-up form. Or you can +follow me on any book's page at Amazon, or at Bookbub, and they'll send you an email when I release a new book.


  1. THANK YOU for all the books. I get to leave my real life for a different world thanks to you. And your characters are so real that you feel their pain and joy. Here is to 30 more years of your work!!

  2. And if I could successfully wish for every writer a fan as enthusiastic as you, I'd make that wish every day! (They just can't have *you.* They have to find their own version of mizkatie!)

  3. Thrilled you're able to write full time. I really enjoy your books and appreciate all the research you do for them. Anxiously awaiting the next release! (I hope some movie deals come your way too as I think many would be great films!)

    1. Thank you so much for reading and noticing the research
      (which is fun, so I honestly enjoy that part).

      As for movies, from your mouth to Hollywood's ear! I think Dawn of Mammals would make a terrific TV show, though expensive with the animation.


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