Friday, August 10, 2018

Starting on Oil Apocalypse 5

Anyone on my mailing list knows this already, but Monday I'm starting on Oil Apocalypse 5, the final book in that series. I don't yet know a title, but I'll decide by Monday.

If all goes well, it could be out as early as October 8-15.

I have a rough outline for it, and I was a bit shocked to realize how many characters I've created. "How am I going to finish off all those stories?" I wondered. But I think I can fit it all in.

It'll be busy keeping up my house, garden, and drafting a novel inside a month, so I won't post here often, just an update every 10 days to tell you if the book is coming along quickly or not.

Thanks for reading! (pic is of #4's cover--I don't have the cover for #5 yet! Can't order it until I have a title.)

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