Friday, September 21, 2018

How to follow news about my new releases

The best way to be informed of when my next book is coming out is to sign up for my mailing list here on this page, in the form to the right.→

After you fill in the form, you should get an email asking you to confirm. If you do not get that, check your spam folder, where it sometimes ends up. Label it "not spam" and continue.

I have always handled my mailing list this way, and I pledge to continue to:

  1. I will never send you newsy notes that clog up your inbox, just the information you signed up to get: new release notices
  2. I will never EVER sell or give the mailing list to anyone, for any reason. Most authors give it to Facebook to advertise their books to similar people. But I wouldn't want that information shared about me, and I will not do that to you. Not ever. I won't be budged on this!
Other options are to follow me as an author on Bookbub, or click +follow on Amazon, if you use it to buy your books. If you're at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Apple/iBooks, there is a link in the back of my books that allows you to sign up for a notification when I upload a new book. Or, you can follow this blog, which is chattier than my newsletter mailing, and you'll see when I am nearing a new release and when the book is available for pre-order.

And some people just remember their favorite authors or bookmark their author page at Amazon and check every few months to see if there is anything new. Myself, I'm a bit too confused to remember to do that, so I admire people who can keep that many mental balls in the air. (I seem to be limited to about three objects in my mental juggling! 😉)

Thanks for reading my books. It has been the thrill of a lifetime to have fans interested in my fiction, to know people believe in my characters as much as I do, and to hear when you've stayed up all night finishing a book.

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