Saturday, February 26, 2022

New novel is out! The Alamogordo Heist


The Alamogordo Heist


For a short time, $2.99 US (and comparable prices elsewhere) 


A heist. A chase. A desperate gang holed up in a hideout.

Darla Doyle hates being poor. She didn't go to college. She doesn't have a rich family. But she has a skill: driving. For five years, she has been the getaway driver for several bank jobs, each netting her over twenty thousand US dollars. It's not wealth, but it's enough to keep her kids clothed.

Then a new bank job comes along. Great target. Good score. Well-planned. Well-executed by three people she's worked with before.

The plan is firing on all cylinders...right up until an armored car guard offers them more money than they'd every hoped for.

There's one thing Darla is certain of: If it sounds too good to be true....

Exclusive to Amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited:

FYI, the second book in the series is drafted and should be for sale in Mid-May. The third in the series will appear, if nothing goes wrong in my personal life or my proofreader's life, in August.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my books. Drop me a line if you see a typo, please!

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