Friday, December 26, 2014

End of the year report

Greetings, readers! I hope this new year will find you healthy and happy.

My Gothic mystery (with touches of ghosts and romance), Mists of Seacliffe, under the pen name Rosellyn Sparks, is on sale for 99 cents on January 2-5. My first readers say it's a page-turner that kept them guessing.

I'm finishing the edits on my third Lou Cadle book (Gray--look for it in February), a 99 cent book.

Since my first release at the beginning of July, I've been doing better than I expected, thanks to my readers passing the word along to friends. I reached #1 on one subgenre bestseller list for my natural-disaster novel Quake and #20 on another for my comedic adventure-romance (under the Sparks name), Treasure in the Mountain. I've sold books in eight countries. I love entertaining, so this opportunity to entertain people I've never met is a real thrill.

And none of it can be done without you. So many thanks to all of you.

I am on twitter @LouCadle and G+ and have Facebook pages for both pen names (which I confess to never checking, but you can still "like" if you wish). If you're a Goodreads member, please remember to mark my books as read (and rate them, if you are so inclined). I'd love more reviews--the most effective advertisers won't accept a book ad until there are many reviews for it on Amazon.

Thanks for reading, and let's all have the happiest year ever in 2015.

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