Friday, June 12, 2015

Still Revising Gray II

A neighbor came over this morning and said, "I'm so excited that you said the next book will be out in a couple days. I haven't read anything good lately!"

I said, "Oh, dear, you weren't listening to that lying ***** about release dates, were you?"

I didn't mean to fib, but late in the first revision of Gray II, I had a nifty new idea, and it has left the novel in much more of a mess than was curable with a quick edit.

So I'm working on it, struggling a bit to untangle the knots those changes left. It will be a better book for it, no doubt about that. I hesitate to give a new date, in case I don't accurately guess. The first half is a proofread away from publishing. The second half...not so much.

Hang in, fans. It is coming!

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