Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 professional year in review

I published:

Gray, Part III - January
Storm - February
Saber Tooth - March
Terror Crane - April
Hell Pig - June
41 Days: Apocalypse Underground - September
Killer Pack - December

I also wrote two that will be published next year:

Dawn of Mammals 5
Crow Vector, a pandemic thriller

I finished my give-away novelette Crawl and put it up as my "free mailing list gift" at instafreebie. I wrote two short stories, one of which is here on this blog.

An average month for me entailed 120 hours at the computer, and additional time reading, researching, and thinking up bad things that might happen to imaginary people.

Also, I did a whole lot of other stuff that would put you asleep if I described it at length, including matters related to mailing list, social media, proofreading, covers, audio books, and paperback books. I've nurtured my connections with a small group of indie authors who give me advice, solace, and companionship on my path. I read a few dozen books on entrepreneurship and five or six on the writing craft. I paid my taxes five times and completed other boring accounting tasks. :-)

My first full calendar year as a full-time author, and it was hard but, looking back, I can say I loved living it.

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