Sunday, September 9, 2018

Oil Apocalypse 5 is coming!

First, a big welcome to my new fans!

I'm revising Desolated, the fifth and last installment of the Oil Apocalypse series. I so like these characters and, as always, when I have to leave them it's like moving away from dear friends. I'm aiming for an October 10 release.

If you haven't read the series yet, you have until October to catch up.

In the near future, the delivery of petroleum to the US ends because of a foreign war, and the residents of one neighborhood in the hills of Arizona are better equipped than most to survive the collapse of civilization that follows hard on its heels.

But are they prepared enough? Twenty-five years after the end of oil, how many more years are they going to be able to nurse along these clothes and tools? The unpainted houses are leaking--though as there is no rain, this isn't the biggest trouble. That comes in the person of mounted horsemen with weapons too great to withstand.

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