Friday, January 14, 2022

Introducing a new pen name and genre

I've come to think over the past year and change that I don't have a lot more to say, fictionally, about the end of civilizations or natural disasters. I've loved writing the books, and I adore my loyal fans, and I am grateful for having lived the dream of being a full-time writer for several years, but the thrill of post-apoc is gone for me as a writer. And if the thrill is gone, I fear that will come out in any more books I force myself to write.

I find myself wanting more and more to switch to thrillers like Code Name Beatriz and the one I wrote in December, which is a crime novel which starts a series of 3. I'm going to add the pen name of (not much of a change!) L.W. Cadle, and the first book should be out before the end of March.

I've also written some short stories this year and have submitted them to magazines under yet another name (and yes, some days I'm a little confused about who I am!! lol). So I've been writing in 2021 and 2022, but there hasn't been much public activity as Lou Cadle.

I'll post here about the crime books and send notices to my mailing list folks when they come out, just in case you'd like to try them, but I'll also start a new mailing list so I won't keep bugging Lou Cadle fans about LW Cadle (or Rosellyn Sparks) books.

Thank you so much for reading, reviewing, and the kind emails you've sent me over the years. I hope some of you follow me to my new genre!


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