Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Saber Tooth is for sale

The first book in the new series, Saber Tooth, is available exclusively at Amazon and through Kindle Unlimited.

A time gate...
A team of teen scientists...
A desperate fight to survive...

National Park Ranger Hannah Kates thinks that guiding a class of gifted high school science students through a hunt for fossil mammal bones in the Badlands will be a tough day's work. But Hannah is about to learn a new definition for the word "tough."

A rock slide at the fossil site uncovers a portal through time. The fossil hunters are caught in it and whisked back to an era when giant predator mammals roamed the earth.

They want, desperately, to find their way home. But first, they have to survive a world where bizarre--and hungry--mammals ruled North America.

They have to survive the Dawn of Mammals.

In Book 1, Saber Tooth, they are thrown back thirty million years to the world of saber-toothed nimravids, ferocious carnivores. Hannah and the nine teens will have to adapt quickly to learn the skills they'll need to survive this vicious world of tooth and claw.

I'm halfway through writing Book 3, so you should be seeing book 2 about April 15 and book 3 about May 15-30. Enjoy!

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