Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Megachurch Heist is out!

Book 2 in the series She Drives

I had a terrific time writing my new heist book, starring Darla the getaway driver again. I like her voice a lot, and this one is funnier than the last because of her acerbic comments. Her lover/partner in crime, Flynn, has heard about a megachurch minister who has stolen donations, reported them as stolen from him to the police, and yet has hidden them in the wall of his church.

So she and Flynn, with an assist from Flynn’s high school buddy Carl, who is full to bursting of personality himself, pretend to be supplicants at the megachurch, wanting information on how to start their own scammy religious empire. They pay to be instructed, but what they’re really doing is scoping out the place so they can steal these ill-gotten gains.

Two problems, though. One, Carla has a hard time with her acting the role of demure helpmeet spouse. (For those of you who read book 1, this probably won’t come as a surprise.) And Two, Flecke, the head of church security, is suspicious from the get-go and far sharper than anyone else there. He may in fact be smarter than Carla, which she hates admitting. And then the creepy “pastor” complicates everything even more, and it’s a battle to see who wins and comes out alive...and with the cash in hand.


This is a typical mystery/crime series in that each book can be read separately, but there are subplots that continue from book to book.

Megachurch Heist: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09ZGWGMS8/

If you don’t want to read it, please mention the series to a friend who likes crime/mystery with a touch of snarky humor. Thanks!

As ever, I appreciate your reading, and I appreciate your reviews. Have a lovely summer, or winter if you’re in the antipodes to me.

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