Sunday, October 9, 2016


I'm working at finishing my fourth Dawn of Mammals book, hoping to be able to revise and release it by early December. So no significant blogging this week, I'm afraid, nor probably the next! I'll be back with more on science, preparing for disasters, and, in November, four posts about writing and writers to coincide with NaNo -- National Novel Writing Month.

I hope all my fans who were in the path of Hurricane Matthew made it without any loss of property! Hurricane season should be over in a month.


  1. I just finished Hell Pig this morning so I'm thrilled to see that your next book in this series will be out soon! These are really fun, exciting and surprising! I love how much research you have clearly put into the writing of these books.

  2. Thank you! I've had such fun writing them and learned a lot. I didn't how how recently honeybees had evolved, for example. I'd never before thought through the fact that the diseases we have now would not have existed then. Because of the hands-on paleontology I did, I had a pretty good general idea of the big mammals, but reptiles, insects, flowers, nuts, fruits...I've had to read up on all of that to figure out if it could have existed in the various epochs. For me, that's having a great time. :) So glad you enjoy the product of it!


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