Sunday, February 12, 2017

How why and when I blog

As I have some new readers now, I wanted to mention a bit about my blogging habits.

  1. I blog every Sunday morning and rarely a second time during the week
  2. I moderate comments at least once a day (a step I take to avoid spam). So just post once; It'll appear by the next day at latest ... unless you spammed or used bad language
  3. My most common topics are natural disasters, emergency preparation for disasters (including power outages and snow storms), fossils, and soon I'll write more about pandemics and the end of oil. Every so often I review a movie or book. My primary topics are listed below in a linkable bullet point list, under the column of graphics/links for my books; the list begins "✸Australia ✸California"
  4. In November, I spend a month talking to other writers about the craft and business of writing. Readers who are not writers might find these posts dull, but a friend's book club promises me they find the topic fascinating. 😏
That's it! I link it via twitter, G+, and Facebook, so that people who follow me there and not here can find it.

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